Sailing in love ….

I haven’t seen you, it has been a while,

Each morning waking up with you made me feel alive, ,

Now here the sea makes me miss you,

You know why ?

The waves are like your tresses,

The roar of the sea reminds me of our fights,

I whisper to the sea , your name ,

I can see the sea blush , just like you do ,

O how i miss you, my love!

How i long to be with you ,

Wrapped in your arms ,

I share secrets with the sea,

Only the sea knows,

The times that i longed to hold you ,

The times that i fought with my heart ,

How could i not have?

For ,my love is far away ,

Across continents, countries and away ,

Oh how i long to feel you,

And ………

Soon i’ll be home my love, in your arms ,

As my ship sails,

I feel, i have been sailing in love.