Sailing in love ….

I haven’t seen you, it has been a while,

Each morning waking up with you made me feel alive, ,

Now here the sea makes me miss you,

You know why ?

The waves are like your tresses,

The roar of the sea reminds me of our fights,

I whisper to the sea , your name ,

I can see the sea blush , just like you do ,

O how i miss you, my love!

How i long to be with you ,

Wrapped in your arms ,

I share secrets with the sea,

Only the sea knows,

The times that i longed to hold you ,

The times that i fought with my heart ,

How could i not have?

For ,my love is far away ,

Across continents, countries and away ,

Oh how i long to feel you,

And ………

Soon i’ll be home my love, in your arms ,

As my ship sails,

I feel, i have been sailing in love.



Holding on to what you want

Fulfilling your little desires,

Keeping close to something knowing that it might break you.

Laughing out, even when it’s hard to.

Waiting for something, for a long time.

Yet, no sign of it.

Dealing with each and everything,

Needs a lot of courage.

So, instead of feeling for what didn’t happen, be glad that it will, someday.

Someday, isn’t far away.

It’s soon. Soon.


A note👄

She puts alot of makeup,

She doesn’t do what is required.

She is to abide by the stereotypical rules.

Look at her clothes, too revealing.

Her lipstick so bold.

Why does she shop so much?

Not married yet? I wonder why.

She’s a lesbian.

She is a widow but she has a boyfriend.

She is working, but doesn’t take care of the house.

Why does she need to work?

She’s married, but no kids.

Look at her.

Why don’t you just let her live.

Maybe that’s her own happiness,

Maybe, No. . No.

Not maybe, You should see what’s in her rather than scale her on her looks and also know that there is so much beyond all this.

Let her be happy, and you too be happy.




When they say all men are the same,

I disagree,

Not that I know just a few who crossed my way.

But a many who did,

Here comes a heart, that’s desired by all women.

Eyes that say much more than it sees.

Ears that pay heed to the silliest of all things,

A heart that knows to love beyond limits.

The soul who knows how to love,

Unexpected but the expected.

Rare but the best ever.

It’s us❤

The one, that’s him.

Love found us? Nah.

We found love.

Forever us, then now and forever.

Celebrate YOU!

Those hurdles that were on your way,

Those judgements that judged you.

The unending haunts that said ‘ Give up, you can’t’

The overwhelming zones,

Those voices that called you useless.

Those trauma, that gave you nightmares.

Those shocks that left you numbed.

The  fears wrapping you like a tight robe all over.

Those chains that cried your name calling you a ‘failure ‘.

You have fought all those battles,

Without giving up,

All those heartbreaks,

Every battle you fought,

You’ve won.

You’ve come a long way.

Chin up, you deserve this victory.

Celebrate it❤️


Happy International Men’s Day.

Men it scares her.

Because, once it scarred her.

Home wasn’t home anymore for her,

Nightmares became her best friend.

Shadows killed her reflection.

Simple touch was monsterous.

Darkness crawled everywhere.

Trust wasn’t known to her.

It killed her spirit.

Chained her good thoughts.


Wasn’t what she looked for.


Someday she hoped deep down,

The fear won’t gobble her up anymore.


He appeared, out of nowhere.

The one who held her sinking hopes up.

Who made her believe’ men’ aren’t monsters.

Slowly she melted into that world of trust.

Unchained herself and she let him be her man.

Love was all around her.

She freed herself from all chains.